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Hand and Foot Dog Tag

  • £3500

Capture your childs hand or feet on a dog tag (thickness 1.5mm) with space to engrave childs name on the front and a kiss. On the back of the dog tag we can engrave your child's date of birth or age. Pictured on the first picture are two dog tags, please add two into the basket if two are required.

The dimensions for the dog tags are stated width x length and are: extra large - 17mm x 25mm, large - 14mm x 22mm, small 12mm x 20mm.

You can either paint your child's hand and/or footprints. Alternatively, we can supply a special mess free, non toxic, inkless wipe kit at an additional cost of £5. The kit contains full instructions, together with two pieces of sensitised paper and a wipe for you to use. Once you have wiped your child's hand or foot with the wipe, you place this on the sensitised paper and as if by magic, a hand or foot print appears! Once we receive the prints we will complete you order in around 14 days

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